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At MM Service Center we always give our clients more than they expect. We know and understand every client’s needs and strategies. We value permanent cooperation that relays on something more than business only.

Michał Szaj
Operations Manager

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Transport across whole Europe
Realized transport orders in 2019

National and international transport

We transport to every country in European Union. Most deliveries are realized in Germany, Austria and Netherlands. Also we have a great experience in transportation in Switzerland, Norway and Sweden.

Our fleet

Our fleet includes delivery cars with a load capacity of up to 1500 kg and a maximum cargo area up to 10 Euro Pallets. We have cars with self-loading elevators and picket trucks that we offer to customers with such requirements. Moreover, our offer includes 12T trucks with loading space up to 20 Euro Pallets. Our vehicles are in constant GPS monitoring which allows us to track the course of transport 24 hours a day. This guarantees precise time of goods delivery.


At MM Service Center we value safety and reliability. We have OCP and OCS insurance for over 500,000 EURO. Your cargo will be safe with us starting at the point when we load it on our track to the moment when we unload it at the destination point. Our cars are covered by Service Assistance in case of emergency situations.

Safety is very important for us and that is why cargos that we deliver are properly secured. Our drivers have extensive experience as well as high qualifications and different training or permissions. All our cars are equipped with the latest communication systems and GPS this let us know where exactly our cars are. At the customer’s request, we assume a transport seal.

Why us?

  • We transport cargos across whole Europe
  • We offer 24h express delivery
  • You can be sure that with us your goods are safe and will arrive on time
  • We transport valuable goods
  • We serve general cargo and full truck loads
  • Flota składa się z nowych typów pojazdów od 3.5t do 12t
  • We offer vehicles tailored to customers’ needs
  • Multilingual customer service
  • 24H service and monitoring
  • Every transport service is carried out with pleasure and passion

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